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EXTREME ACHIEVERS(R) Coaching Benefits and Services 1-800-MY-COACH (800-692-6224)

"No matter how successful we are, we all need a coach to keep us on track, to bring out the best in us." Ken Blanchard, author, The One Minute Manager

"You have provided me with more positive, constructive information in six weeks of coaching via e-mail than I have received during my two and a half years as Sales Manager in the telecommunications industry. No disrespect to anyone at the company intended." C.M., South Africa

"When I had to start selling services to keep my job as Senior Accountant, I was ready to quit because of the rejection. You not only saved my career, now I'm a partner and my children's financial future is assured." M.A., Great Britain




valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) COACHING FOR CORPORATE STAFF



What's the Difference Between a
Company Mentor and a Professional Coach?

A Company Mentor Your Professional Coach
valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Mentors tend to focus on helping you achieve some success in one area of your life often while neglecting or even condemning other areas.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Mentors can create enemies for you by pitting you with them against others for resources, promotions.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Mentors can leave you at a dead end if your mentor falls out of favor or departs suddenly; some other mentor will rapidly move their people in on you to advance their agenda.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Mentors are sometimes motivated to validate their own existence by teaching you how to do things their way.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Mentors seldom teach and push you to equal and exceed their own achievements.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) If you outgrow your mentor, conflict can result as you compete for the same resources and opportunities.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Coaches show you how to excel at something while using the lessons learned to enrich your entire life.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Coaches are experts at getting ahead in life while helping others succeed at the same time.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Coaches understand success demands building broad-based cooperative relationships.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Coaches exist for one purpose: To make you a winner.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Your coach's greatest achievement is when you exceed your expectations for achievement.

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) "No matter how successful we are, we all need a coach to keep us on track, to bring out the best in us." Ken Blanchard, author, The One Minute Manager


Coaching Benefits 1-800-MY-COACH (800-692-6224)

valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Increase your efficiency and effectiveness to stop wasting time and other resources.
valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Gain access to world-class business management techniques for your rapid personal and professional success.
valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Maximize the compounding of results from your financial, time and personal resources.
valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Receive inspired encouragement and prodding to live a fuller personal and professional life.
valbul2a.gif (530 bytes) Identify and overcome learned limitations that are cheating you of the full, vibrant life you deserve.

With EXTREME ACHIEVERS(R), you benefit from a unique professional partnership dedicated to your rapid growth and achievement. You become constantly aware of what you need to be doing and you are motivated to do it. When you don't do what you need to do, you will know it- and so will we. From now on, there can only one reason why your life isn't everything it can be- but you won't let that happen, right?

EXTREME ACHIEVERS(R) Coaching Investment Schedule 1-800-MY-COACH (800-692-6224)

We work with corporate staff, individuals, couples or small groups (up to six people total). We're here to serve you and offer a variety of service options to meet your needs including:

• Services per hour at our office, by teleconference or Internet.
Services per hour at your location.
• Services per 8 hour day at our office, by teleconference or Internet.
Services per 8 hour day at your location.
Combinations of the above options.
Twelve (12) weeks and longer service agreements available.

Other Available Resources

• Professional keynotes, seminars, breakouts and workshops for businesses and associations.
• Business consulting services.
Professional learning guides and home study aids.



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