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January 02, 2013


It Just Got Harder to Be Average
Nations Performance Score Rising


Houston January 02, 2013 Average is a measure of what most people do, not what they can do, according to Stanton Royce, President of Extreme Achievers. Or at least, it used to be in the United States. The company announced today the average scores for people taking its free online Extreme Achievers Quotient Survey have been creeping up over the past 5 years. He attributes this trend to more people discovering how to free themselves from learned limitations such as discomfort with rejection and other forms of failure. For other people, however, that means its getting harder just to be average.

 Royce pointed out most people get discouraged when something doesnt go their way. These unwanted experiences, or failures, may vary in intensity. They can be as small and impersonal as losing ten cents for a parking meter down a storm drain, or as significant and personal as coming home to find even your dog has left you. They all add up and to some degree for most people create self-doubt. This doubt compounds over time causing people to hesitate, to procrastinate so day-by-day, over time, what we dont do, what we dont achieve, what we miss out on in life amounts to a fortune in fun and fame.

Living with Doubt Is Like Driving with the Brakes On

Living with self-doubt is like driving down the road with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes. Doubt works against what we want to achieve and hinders our movement forward in life. Also, just like in the driving analogy, studies at leading medical centers such as Mayo Clinic show striving against doubt causes damaging stress associated with significantly increased risk of developing chronic illnesses by middle-age and reduced longevity. When you take your foot off the brake, you leap ahead without using any greater effort or energy. You actually achieve more without working harder and eliminate the destructive and deadly stress associated with striving against doubt.

Raising the United States National EAQ

The process of showing people how to transform rejection and other failure experiences into increased determination instead of doubt began with salespeople in 1995. Extreme Achievers began with salespeople because it was easy to show the increased sales revenues and reduced employee turnover costs were worth far more than the cost of implementing the process. Since then, other professionals have been included such as brokers, commodity traders, political candidates, professional athletes, R&D staff and customer service people who are now increasingly being required to sell. As these people have experienced the benefits of freeing themselves from the learned limitation of doubt, they have involved other employees in their firms and even sponsored family members at company conferences.

Royce says this increasing participation in the process is contributing to raising the nations Extreme Achiever Quotient, its EAQ. While thats great for the nation, its really bad for those who are slow to get involved. For them, it really is getting harder every day to be average.


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